Rachel Yi, MD

I’m a second generation Korean-American born in Utah but grew up all over, both in and outside of the US. I lived in Mississippi due to my father’s work when I was younger and was essentially adopted by the state. My family includes two younger brothers that I am very proud of who are pursuing their own dreams and wonderful parents that have supported all my endeavors. I love all my hobbies and probably have gaming disorder as defined by WHO, which also includes a passion for escape rooms. I really like cats and dogs though I am horribly allergic, but I’ve learned to live with the humor of the universe (with a daily antihistamine). When I was younger, I was inspired to pursue medicine through testimonies from medical missionaries to reach people in need, and despite the hours that I was locked away in the library, I would not be anywhere else. I attended the University of Mississippi Medical Center for medical school. When I’m not at the hospital, I enjoy playing video games, reading, crafts, baking and eating good food.